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Welcome to our school website!

Hello Parents, 

Thank you for a wonderful year!  Our vision is "Excellence through Achievement in every Field of Endeavor,” and the students are making it happen!  Our band, choir, sports, and academic teams have performed better than they have in many years, and in some cases, better than ever!  Oh boy! This has been a great year and we are anticipating an even greater one next year!

Willie Bolden, Principal


Our Vision, Our Mission

Our Vision is to exemplify excellence through achievement in every field of endeavor. Our Mission is to develop Academic Excellence, Social and Cultural Enrichment, Community Engagement, and College and Career Readiness in our young men and women with a sense of understanding and compassion for others. 


 Gallup Student Poll Survey


                       GENTRY HIGH SCHOOL

                     Excellence Through Achievement in Every Field of Endeavor

           RAM ENOUGH GOALS! 2018-2022 


Mr. Willie Bolden, Principal - 

Mr. Earnest Nelson, Assistant Principal -

Lora Dean, Counselor - 

Vivian Olds, Secretary - 

Jacqueline Williams, Secretary -  

Mrs. Gwendolyn Milton, Academic Coach - 









  • Academic Excellence
  •  Social & Cultural Enrichment
  •  Parental & Community Engagement
  •  College & Career Readiness 


  • Attendance Rate: 95%
  • Proficiency Rate: 85%
  • Graduation Rate: 95%
  • Average GPA: 3.0
  • Average ACT Score: 25
  • Average ASVAB Score: 65
  • Average Trade Certification: Silver


  • Socially Adept (Etiquette, dress & decorum)
  • Conversational Spanish: 85%
  • International Travel: 50%


  • PTO Membership: 85%
  • Community Service: 40 hours
    • On/off-campus community service projects 


  • Dual Enrollment: Juniors-40% / Seniors-30%
  • AP courses: Juniors-20% / Seniors-10%
  • College/Military Acceptance: 75%
  • Graduates with Scholarships: 85% ($6 million)
  • Trade/Skill Silver Certification: 20%
  • Work Experience- 40%
  • Average Starting Salary: $35,000


Message from the Parent Center

School Year Reminders

  • If your child/children has a chronic illness, get a chronic illness statement fron their doctor.
  • If your child/children has asthma, please get an asthma action plan from their school and have their doctor complete it. 
  • Try to schedule doctor or dentist appointments after school. 
  • Please submit excuses for every absences.

My hours of operation are: Monday and Tuesday 7:00am to 4:00p.m.

Beverly Gilmore, Parent Community Liaison



School Events
•  Learning Walk @ 9:00 A. M.
•  PTO Meeting @ 5:00 P.M.