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It is  a pleasure that the Jobs for Mississippi Graduates Programs at Gentry High School and Ruleville Central High High will host Parental Engagement Night # 1 on:


Thursday, May 4, 2017

TLS Celebrations  - 106 Front Street  - -Indianola, MS  @ 6:00 pm.

Mr. Clifton Williams/Guaranty Bank will be the presenters, focusing on home ownership, business ownership, and financial literacy. 



Anji Reddy Nalamalapu

School: Gentry High School

School District: Sunflower County Consolidated School District

City, State: Indianola, Mississippi

About the Nominee: Anji Reddy Nalamalapu has been working as a special education teacher since 2012. He is currently taking a leadership role as an interim SPED Dept. chair and Positive Behavior Intervention Services (PBIS) chair. Mr. Reddy is an outstanding educator with the following characteristics:

Bringing community to the classrooms: Mr. Nalamalapu completed a grant project that enabled Gentry High School to purchase three M148-E USB2.0 digital camera microscopes which allow students to view pictures on their computers during group activities. The grant also includes M30-ABS-KT2_WM microscopes, which are useful for student’s independent assignments. To bring the community into the classroom, he also partnered with a local bank.

Computer donation to students: With the help of a local university professor, Mr. Nalamalapu donated fully loaded desktop computers to his students to complete homework assignments. 

Student technology: As a result of the community bank partnership, Mr. Nalamalapu distributed TI-84 calculators that students can use to pass the state exams and complete homework assignments.

"Science in Fisheries and Aquaculture" seminar: As a part of transition and career development training, Mr. Nalamalapu invited a research geneticist to his school. The researcher presented a paper on science in fisheries and aquaculture. In the information seminar, the researcher emphasized the importance of science and math in real life. They also discussed the four important processes in scientific methods and available careers in the Delta area for students who want to pursue a career in science and aquaculture. Students actively participated in the seminar.

Student Test Scores: Due to innovative inclusion teaching strategies, students with special needs passed the state-standardized SATP2 exams in Biology and US History subjects. 

Donations: To promote students success, Mr. Nalamalapu announced a $150 monetary prize as reinforcement for students to pass the Biology-I state exam. After the test results came in, he donated the money to the parents. He also made donations to the Council for Exceptional Children's “Yes I Can Award” to recognize special needs students who have exceptional skills.

Presentations: He presented a paper on innovative inclusion teaching strategies at a state conference and received Mississippi CEC's State Teacher of the Year award for 2016. His article on Basic Special Education Processes under IDEA will be presented at a national conference. He also presented a paper on Teaching Social Studies (Economics/ Financial Literacy) at the Mississippi Council for Social Studies State Annual Conference on October 21st, 2016.

Publications: He has made publications such as transition assessment forms available on the National Association of Special Education Teachers website.

Due his achievements as an educator, Mr. Nalamalapu is a LifeChanger in his community.


SCCSD Ex Ed department Success Story!


For 2015- 16 school year students with exceptional needs passed state exam SATP2 (Biology- 1) and SATP2 U.S History exam. One of the students made a proficient score in the SATP2 U.S History. To make this happen the exceptional Ed department professionals, Mr. Anji Reddy Nalamalapu, Ms. Phyllips Williams and Mr. Randy Ball (Principal) diligently worked together. Principal Mr. Randy Ball actively involved in supervising and accommodating facilities to provide extend instruction. To provide direct instruction and software program Mr. Anji Reddy Nalamalapu, Ms. Phyllips Williams formed a team to adjust the schedule to provide additional guidance during the 7th period.

Inclusion teacher Mr. Nalamalapu requested Principal to accommodate additional instructional time for students during the seventh period on a daily basis. Mr. Williams allowed students to exchange with Inclusion teacher’s class for individualized/ small group instruction. To inspire students, Mr. Anji Reddy Nalamalapu offered $150.00 (one hundred fifty dollars) monetary reinforcement for the students with special needs who passed the state exam. On 08/03/2016 Mr. Nalamalapu wrote the personal check to keep his promise.  

Anji Reddy Nalamalapu named Mississippi State Teacher of the Year Award

(2016 CEC Clarissa Hug Teacher of the Year Award)

Left to Right Ms. Cindy Taylor (Director Special Services of SCCSD), Mario Miller, Ed. D. Executive Board Past President of Mississippi Council for Exceptional Children and Mr. Anji Reddy Nalamalapu (MS CEC Teacher of the year 2016 award recipient).

From Sunflower County Consolidated School District Mr. Anji Reddy Nalamalapu received the prestigious 2016 Clarissa Hug Teacher of The Year Award for The State of Mississippi. This award is a Council for Exceptional Children-CEC state level Professional Awards. Mr. Reddy is an Exceptional Education Teacher works at Gentry High School. He received this award on February 3, 2016 in Mississippi CEC Conference at Tupelo, Mississippi.

In the Mississippi CEC Conference Mr. Reddy presented a paper on the Practical Strategies for High School Inclusion Classes and provided relevant resources and material to the administrators and the participants. This paper is scheduled to present in the district level conference at Gentry High School. 

In this state conference Mr. Anji Reddy Nalamalapu selected as a Treasure of the Division on Career Development and Transition- DCDT for the state of the Mississippi. DCDT is a voluntary organization of MS State Charter of CEC; DCDT develops transition resources for the professionals, students with disabilities, and their families. Earlier Mr. Reddy served as an active member of DCDT, and he was an active member of the transition assessments committee. Later these assessments were published in the National Association of Special Education Teachers- NASET.  

As a part of Transition and career development Anji Reddy Nalamalapu invited Research Geneticist Dr. Nagaraj Chatakondi. Dr. Chatakondi visited to the Gentry campus on 11/5/2015. In his visit scientist presented a paper on ‘Science in Fisheries and Aquaculture’.   

In the information seminar Scientist emphasized the importance of science and Math in real life. Dr. Chatakondi discussed with students about the four important processes in scientific methods and available careers in Delta area who wants to pursue career in science and aquaculture. Students actively participated in the seminar. Scientist promoted students self-advocacy skills and addressed the available resources in the Delta Region of Mississippi. He suggested to students to do voluntary services to promote job skills in the field of science.  

Dr. Chatakondi works at Warm water Aquaculture Research Unit at Stoneville, MS. In his visit he invited Gentry students to visit the Stoneville research center as a part of student’s educational tour.  


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