Message From The Principal

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff 

Welcome to Gentry High School for the 2020-2021 school year. This will be a year full of changes as we adapt our school’s instructional output procedures. With that being said, we are definitely looking forward to a great school year with the many uncertainties that lies before us.  

We want to welcome our 10th grade students from Merritt Junior High and new students from other districts or out of the state. This year, we will embark on a culture brand that is focused on improving student learning and producing students who can become contributors to the ever evolving global economy.  

All teachers, staff, and administrators look forward to assisting students in becoming prompt and productive students who are prepared for graduation, college, and the workforce. I firmly believe that it will take everyone’s efforts to create and maintain a school culture in which student achievement is the primary focus.  It is my goal to help you so that you can reach your highest potential as teachers and students. We will place a great emphasis on literacy in order to improve learning in all subject areas. Data from assessments will be used to provide interventions in the classrooms and during extended learning days.  

My behavior expectations will be very high for both students and teachers. I expect all students to follow the expectations and guidelines that are identified in the Sunflower County Consolidated School District Discipline Plan and in our Positive Behavior Intervention Support Plan (PBIS). Remember: Your future is in your hands.  Please take the time to read your student and staff handbooks carefully and to follow the rules, policies and guidelines that are written. It is very important that you strive to be respectful and responsible students and teachers in order to have a successful year. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to stop by my office.  

As always, I am VERY PROUD to serve as your principal… 

Let’s Have a Great Year at Gentry High School!!


Edmond Williams, Ed.S.

Principal/Transformation Leader

Principal Willie Bolden
Monroe Golden, Assistant Principal

Monroe Golden, Assistant Principal